Automating Your Job Search With Python — Part 1

from reed import ReedClientclient = ReedClient('put your reed api key here') #Put your Reed API key here
#put your keywords in below, I have used remote python data analsyst for roles that I am searching for, but I have put - against words such as -BI -Looker and other words where I have less experience
params = {
'keywords' : "remote python data analyst -predictive -statistics -courses -cloud -BI -Looker -Tableau",
'postedByDirectEmployer' : 1,
'locationName' : "",
'minimumSalary': 30000
response =**params)
# I have put a list container to store jobid and use the code to check for duplicates before printing the job
duplicatechecker = []for item in response:

for key in item:
check = item.get('jobId')
if check in duplicatechecker:
print ("jobId : %s" % item.get('jobId'))
print ("employerId : %s" % item.get('employerId'))
print ("employerProfileId : %s" % item.get('employerProfileId'))
print ("jobRecruiterName : %s" % item.get('jobRecruiterName:'))
print ("jobTitle : %s" % item.get('jobTitle'))
print ("locationName : %s" % item.get('locationName'))
print ("minimumSalary : %s" % item.get('minimumSalary'))
print ("maximumSalary : %s" % item.get('maximumSalary'))
print ("currency : %s" % item.get('currency'))
print ("expirationDate : %s" % item.get('expirationDate'))
print ("date : %s" % item.get('date'))
print ("jobDescription : %s" % item.get('jobDescription'))
print ("applications : %s" % item.get('applications'))
print ("jobUrl : %s" % item.get('jobUrl'))



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Christopher Collins

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